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Psalm 23 Yoga

Calling All Locals in Mecklenburg, Rowan and Iredell County!

Experience the serenity of live Psalm 23 Yoga with us. Join our 'Meet Up' group to delve deeper into the details!

What is Psalm 23 Yoga?

Step onto your mat and embark on a spiritual odyssey that blends the timeless wisdom of Psalm 23 with the art of yoga. In this unique one-hour class, led by Dominique Davis of Brown & Bendy, we seamlessly fuse Vinyasa-style yoga with deep stretching, offering you the best of both worlds.

At Psalm 23 Yoga, we begin and conclude our practice with the soothing verses of Psalm 23, setting the stage for a transformative experience. Throughout the class, the themes of this cherished scripture are woven into every movement, every breath, and every pose.

This is a class for everyone, from seasoned yogis to those just beginning their journey. All levels are welcome, as we create a space of inclusivity and unity. Come as you are, with your mat, water, and two yoga blocks, and prepare to discover the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Join us in this sacred exploration of faith, movement, and meditation. Psalm 23 Yoga is more than a class; it's a divine encounter, a sanctuary for your soul, and a celebration of the timeless wisdom found in the Psalms.


Are you ready to step onto your mat and experience the beauty of Psalm 23 Yoga? Your journey awaits.

Want to learn more about Dominique's Christian Yoga Philosophy? Click Here!

Psalm 23 Yoga Fall Schedule

Sat Sept 9th - Magla Park*

9:00 am

Sat Sept 23rd - Magla Park*

9:00 am

Wed Sept 27th - Factory Church*

6:00 p.m.

Mon Oct 2nd - Magnolia Grove 

6:00 p.m.

Wed Oct 11th - Factory Church*

6:00 p.m.

Sat Oct 21st - Magnolia Grove

10:00 a.m.

Wed Oct 25th - Factory Church*

6:00 p.m.

Wed Nov 8th - Factory Church*

6:00 p.m.
Wed Dec 6th - Factory Church*

6:00 p.m.





Magla Park, Mooresville N.C.

Magla Park in Mooresville, North Carolina, is a welcoming community park featuring a playground for children, picnic areas for family gatherings, scenic walking trails for leisurely strolls, a basketball court for sports enthusiasts, and a multi-purpose field for various recreational activities. It offers a perfect blend of outdoor amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy nature, engage in physical activities, and spend quality time with friends and family.

To sign up for classes at this location visit our MeetUp.


Factory Church, Concord N.C.

Factory Church in Concord, NC, is a vibrant and inclusive community that places people at the heart of its mission. With a deep commitment to valuing individuals over processes, they create an atmosphere where everyone, regardless of age, race, social background, or financial status, is embraced and celebrated. Their "we over me" philosophy fosters a culture of love, respect, assistance, and unity, making it a place where everyone wins together. Additionally, Factory Church is passionate about helping individuals discover their unique purpose and passion, not only within the church but also in their broader community, equipping future leaders to fulfill their calling and make a significant impact in the world. At Factory Church, it's all about people, purpose, and a shared journey of faith.

To sign up for classes at this location please join the Psalm 23 Yoga Connect Group.


Magnolia Grove, China Grove N.C.

Magnolia Grove in China Grove, North Carolina, is a nurturing sanctuary dedicated to enhancing holistic well-being and fostering a sense of community. This welcoming space provides a range of services to support individuals on their health journeys, from nutrition and body understanding to relaxation and connection. With group exercise classes, wellness therapies, spa treatments, and educational workshops, Magnolia Grove aims to make healthy living accessible and enjoyable. Additionally, they offer event space for small gatherings, ensuring that this tranquil oasis serves as a versatile hub for both personal growth and community connection.

Drop-in classes at Magnolia Grove are $12

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