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The Full Story

Dominique Davis is a content creator, yogi, mother, and wife. Balance is a constant theme in Dominique’s life and at times, the scales do tip over. 


Nevertheless, she can’t help but notice how her time on the yoga mat teaches lessons that directly align with her career, motherhood, and marriage. The flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit goes quite a long way.   


After the pandemic, Dominique’s love of the Law of Attraction was reignited.  Almost everything about the human experience changed overnight and having coping skills was no longer optional.  Dominique recommitted herself to teaching others about the importance of presence, awareness, and building strength in times of quiet. 


The importance of connection drives Dominique’s work. In order for a human to openly connect to another human, they themselves must feel safe and grounded.  Dominique encourages self-development to the point of fearlessness in life’s experiences. 


If you would like to watch Dominique’s videos, you can head over to her Youtube: You can also follow her lifestyle Instagram: 


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