about Dominique...

Dominique Davis, also known as Brown and Bendy, is a Law of Attraction Coach as well as an avid Youtuber and Yoga Teacher.  


Dominique began her wellness journey in 2015, when she found herself pregnant, out of work with no car or savings account.  Feeling as though she finally hit her rock bottom, Dominique realized that she had the ability to control how she felt, despite what was going on in her external environment.


With a newfound ability to observe the havoc that her victim mentality was wreaking on her life, Dominique dedicated all of her time and energy to reprogramming her identity and learning how to understand her limiting beliefs so that she may replace them with beliefs that serve her.  


Today, Dominique runs a successful wellness brand called Brown and Bendy, which teaches individuals the importance of practicing flexibility within the mind, body, and spirit.  With lessons focused on self-love, financial prosperity, and emotional intelligence, Dominique teaches her community of 70,000+ how to live their best lives through self-accountability.


“There is nothing that is unobtainable.  If you can see it in your mind, you can bring it into reality.  Give yourself permission to start your journey, as you let go of your past.  Free up all that space in your mind so that you can begin to experience a new reality more beautiful, more  fragrant than anything you’ve ever experienced before.” - Dominique Davis