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Intentional living is at the heart of all I do...

Life is a blessing.  True freedom comes from one's ability to recognize that every breath is a gift.


Living Intentionally requires honesty, focus, and mindfulness. 


This is why I created Brown and Bendy Wellness.    

Join me and stay updated on all things Brown and Bendy!

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Hi! I'm Dominique!

Creator of Brown and Bendy Wellness

My journey started as an innocent desire to bring yoga and meditation to women of color. As I matured in my practice, I realized that wellness is a lifestyle, not something that can only be experienced in a brief 50-minute class.

Brown and Bendy is a wellness platform that offers women the resources that they need to live intentionally.  Intentional living can not be achieved without mindfulness and vice versa.

I give all glory to God, that I can connect with women in this amazing community.  If you are looking for a place to grow in your intentional living journey, you've found it!  I'm so grateful that you're here!



Brown and Bendy on YouTube

Join the Brown and Bendy Bunch for a bi-weekly dose of intentional living content to help you organize and practice flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit!

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Join the Gentle Workout Revolution 

A part of living intentionally is having a movement practice!
I created
P23 MVMT to help women get into their bodies and practice fitness in an accessible way!
Learn more about P23 MVMT

Want to practice with me in person?

Check out the dates and locations below!


Shrink Your Closet. Grow Your Heart

Brown and Bendy Wellness offers it's community access to an online boutique that provides neutral and basic pieces for anyone looking to intentionally develop their wardrobe.
Check out
The Flexible Minimalist:


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