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Dominique Davis...

...a.k.a Brown and Bendy is a Law of Attraction coach, yoga teacher, and content creator.  When she is not working one on one with clients, you can find her filming videos for Youtube, creating a podcast or interacting with her community on Instagram! 

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There is so much mystery when it comes to the human mind.  Metaphysics is the study of human consciousness and how brain function can ultimately determine the reality that each individual experiences.

Join Dominique as she explores the metaphysical side of things while also discussing the significance of the subconscious mind and how our very beliefs are the magnets that attract and mold the realities each of us reside in. 

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Is Private Coaching Right For You?

Life is a journey.  Much like a book, life contains different chapters.  Perhaps you're entering a new chapter of your life, where you no longer feel like figuring everything out on your own. 

Coaching with Dominique Davis is grounded in the exploration of your fundamental beliefs.  From there, Dominique assists her clients in identifying the subconscious beliefs that do not serve and may possibly lead to toxic, self-sabotaging behavior.

Throughout these coaching sessions, Dominique also educates her clients on the relevance of beliefs and the energetic vibration an individual is projecting.  This results in the client feeling in control of their own narrative and gives the client the confidence to attract any and every possible lifestyle that they desire.


Enrollment Opens July 2021