Worshiping The Law of Attraction Is Like Worshiping A Bus Schedule

The law of attraction is a gift given to us by God. God’s perfect system always works and acts as checks and balances to our earthly existence.

With this new wave of the law of attraction appreciation, I also notice a forfeiting of personal power and personal responsibility. It's come to my attention that many view the law of attraction as a biased system that only works if one is“worthy” of its function.

I would like to strip away this emotional perspective and ground our understanding through the exploration of two things: Vibration and Belief System.

The law of attraction is dependent on one’s own vibration. A person’s vibration is created by their belief system.

Let’s dig in.

What is a “vibration”?

Everything on this planet is made up of microscopic moving particles. These particles come together to create solid mass. Though microscopic, the movements are creating vibrations that we can not perceive with our 5 senses. Some scholars believe that, as humans, we have the ability to control the rate at which our particles vibrate by consciously maneuvering our thoughts.

Once we decide the quality of thought that we wish to hold, we then attract whatever is on the physical plane that holds the same vibration.

The Belief System

You may be wondering: “Well if it’s that easy, why can’t I attract a million dollars overnight?”

This is because every human has something called a belief system.

From birth, we gather information about life, more specifically: survival. As small children, we learn to listen to the tone of our caretakers as well as read their facial expressions to gauge how safe we are, emotionally and physically.

Our childhoods as well as early adolescence is spent gathering information about our personal existence. We create our beliefs about ourselves, our family, our friends, and our society. We also begin to create our beliefs about God and what God is capable of.

The Emotional Guidance Scale

Now, back to the millionaire question.

A person, let’s call him Jeff, may say: “I want to manifest being a millionaire.”

So Jeff makes vision boards with beautiful images and writes “I am a millionaire” 55 times for 5 days in a row. Still, he sees no results.

This is because a specific part of said Jeff’s belief system doesn’t vibrationally align with the life experience of being a millionaire.

Let’s look at The Emotional Guidance Scale:

To be a millionaire, a person's vibration must align with number 7, contentment. Jeff wants to be a millionaire because he wants to feel financially secure and safe. He would like to feel content with his money circumstances.

Now let’s say that Jeff grew up with rich parents. Perhaps his father gambled away all of the family’s finances while he was a young adult. Jeff watched his parent's marriage deteriorate while also losing his childhood home as well as all of his friends from his neighborhood and the associated school.

Jeff lost his house so suddenly, that his belief system created the belief that money isn’t dependable. Any day, it can just disappear. After his mother separated from his father, Jeff often heard her lament about how much money they had and how his father let it all slip away. Jeff admired his father deeply, so his subconscious created the belief that it’s hard to have good money habits. Maybe even impossible.

In reality, when Jeff thinks about money his vibration is actually that of pessimism (9), Frustration (10), Disappointment (12), and discouragement (16).

Aligning Your Desire with Your Vibration

I hope I have made it clear how blindly worshiping the law of attraction is much like worshiping a bus schedule. The law of attraction doesn’t choose to give you anything. It is a system that can help you figure out where you are and in turn, where you want to go.

If Jeff would like to take his vibration from that of discouragement to one of contentment, it is up to him to take personal accountability for his present emotional state.

From there, there are countless exercises and meditations that Jeff can participate in to expand his belief system to believe that he can obtain a large sum of money as well as maintain a large sum of money.

The key to raising Jeff's vibration is focusing on the feeling of being content, so much so that it becomes a part of Jeff’s personality. A simple exercise would be to write “I am content” 55 times for 5 days.

The 555 method is a wonderful way to rewire the mind by way of repetition. Instead of a vibrationally empty affirmation such as “I am a millionaire”, Jeff is able to rewrite the actual belief that is blocking him from truly believing he can be a millionaire.

And so it is!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, my friends.

Until next time,


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