Why Waiting For a "Yes" is Slowing Down Your Manifestation

Wake Up in Your Dream Reality by Using The Law of Assumption

Consciousness creates reality.

How we perceive our present reality is how we subconsciously manifest our future realities.

If we are constantly noticing what we dislike about our experience, we are keeping our focus on what we are lacking. Thus creating more lack.

The Universe doesn’t understand what “good” or “bad” is since those things are subject to individual perspectives. So instead of viewing our thoughts as “good” or “bad”, let’s imagine that our thoughts are the order form for a delivery that the Universe will be fulfilling.

So how exactly do we go about changing our consciousness? How do we learn to shift our focus from what was to what will be?

The answer is The Law of Assumption.

Choosing to Live Your Desire Instead of Waiting for a “Yes”

The law of assumption is a concept coined by LoA OG Neville Goddard.

Goddard believes that manifesting starts in the mind, not by way of action. The law of assumption is a hypothesis that states that a person who assumes their wish is fulfilled will compel physical reality to follow by holding that state of mind, and in turn, that state of being.

"Disregard appearances, conditions, in fact, all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfillment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being all things are possible."

-Neville Goddard

I have a technique that I would like to share with you:

Consciously choosing to wake up in your desired reality.

A lot of us are waiting for a “yes”. This yes could be from a romantic interest, a superior at work or a hiring manager, a mortgage broker, or even a doctor.

What I’d like to explain is this: the human who is responsible for your “yes” is a middleman. Your “yes” comes from Source and Source alone.

The first part of this technique is understanding that opposing forces can create the illusion that what we want is further away than it actually is.

Now that you know that your “yes” comes from Source. Remind yourself how much Source loves you. Look at your life and find gratitude for every breath, every moment of laughter every example of love that you could think of. Allow each of these examples to illustrate the favor Source has put over your life.

Trust that your “yes” is coming from this very same Source of unlimited love.

Finally, from sun up to sun down, go through your day as if you’ve already received your “yes”.

Allowing doubt to come up is a part of the practice. What you do with that doubt determines the frequency of whatever you are attracting.

Using the Law of Attraction to Maintain Your Vibration

As we practice the aforementioned technique we may meet ourselves with a bit of resistance.

I’d like to differentiate between two scenarios.

The simpler scenario is one: You do not want what you thought you wanted.

In this blog post, we are going to use a woman named Kimbra as our example. Kimbra wants to manifest her specific person. Her specific person has a great personality and is very funny, but he also works at a bar and drives a motorcycle.

Kimbra decides to use the “Waking Up” Technique.

She wakes up at her habitual time, 6 am. She then imagines her partner waking up with her so the two of them can exercise.

Kimbra feels an odd feeling in her stomach. She observes her thoughts and realizes that her specific person may not want to get up early and work out with her because of their job.

Kimbra brushes the thought off, open to compromising with her partner.

While driving to the market Kimbra sees a person on a motorcycle get dangerously close to being sideswiped by an arrogant driver. Kimbra feels her heart drop realizing that she is in a relationship with a person who loves their motorcycle very much. Again, she brushes the feeling off.

That night, Kimbra finishes her nighttime routine. She feels herself getting excited about snuggling up in bed next to her desired person. Very quickly, she then realizes that they would most likely be at the bar until 2 am.

Kimbra realizes that her feelings for her specific person are strong, but not strong enough to want to change another human. Confident that she has a better sense of what she wants, Kimbra releases her desire. Ready to start fresh in the morning so that she may refocus her energy somewhere new.

The second scenario is a bit broader. The second reason that you may feel resistance when you implement the Waking Up Technique is that your desire may not be in alignment with your current vibration.

This could be for multiple reasons, all rooted in fear. If you truly want something, yet find yourself resisting the thought of having what you want, the block was created by the subconscious as a means of protection.

The way we use the law of attraction to overcome our blocks is to consciously raise our vibration whenever expansion intimidates us.

Let’s talk about Kimbra again.

This version of Kimbra is more flexible with having a partner who is on the same schedule as her. She also wants a partner who is spontaneous and exciting, so her specific person is ideal.

Kimbra wakes up at 6am. She imagines her desired partner sleeping peacefully next to her. They sleepily says good morning to her as she leaves the bed. Kimbra is stuck by a feeling of embarrassment.

“How does my breath smell? How does my hair look? Did I sleep in this old shirt AGAIN?”

Kimbra realizes how self-conscious she is and starts to doubt her ability to share her space and her life with another person. All of these fears have the ability to take Kimbra out of her visualization. Instead, she chooses to use the law of attraction to assist her.

She sits at her kitchen table and writes “I am more than enough” 20 times. Realigning her mind with her desire. Kimbra feels the shift and better understands who she must be in order to maintain the very thing that she wants. As she continues to live in her desired reality, Kimbra practices being aware of any feelings of resistance and allows herself to practice high vibrational habits to align her mind with her desire.

Practice Gratitude for Every “Sign”

With your conscious being so heavily focused on your desire, you will experience more synchronicities.

Every time your physical reality gives you a sign that correlates with your desire, take it as a positive and thank the Universe for your desire being fulfilled.


The day after Kimbra practices The Waking Up Technique, she gets a call from an old boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend tells her that he will always love her and that they should consider trying things again.

After getting off the phone, Kimbra feels confused. She knows that she didn’t enjoy her past relationship, but there were things about it that are comfortable and safe.

Kimbra snaps out of the fear-based thought process that was beginning to develop and instead says “thank you”.

She decides that her old boyfriend calling is a sign from the Universe that she is ready to move forward and love someone new. Kimbra feels elated to let go of the past.

Your mind was created to serve you, dear reader. Allow yourself to pursue your desires with an open heart. You’d be surprised at how quickly things can change when you commit yourself to desires that are true reflections of your value and of your worth.