Stop Wasting Time! How to Use Affirmations CORRECTLY

This morning has been hectic.

I got my oldest ready for school, fed and entertained my youngest, and cleaned my home. When the dust finally settled, I put on a pot of coffee and sat at the kitchen table to write this blog.

Starting blogs can be a little difficult for me. I have the habit of getting into a lethargic state of mind. Sometimes it is because I look at the numbers on my social platforms and I do not see the growth I aspire to. Other times I observe the world and notice issues with morality. I attempt to wash my hands of any type of responsibility for all that is out of my control and find myself wallowing in the energy of indifference.

Thankfully, I have placed certain expectations on myself. I give myself specific tasks to complete during the week, for example: writing this blog and uploading YouTube videos. These tasks force me to look at my current vibrational state and acknowledge if I am not in alignment with the task I have set for myself.

Today, I did not feel like writing the blog. I observed my vibrational set point as well as the fear narrative my brain was creating. This narrative attempted to convince me that my blog would be silly and lack any type of substance.

I’m at a place in my journey that allows me to practice gratitude for these vibrational set points. Why? Because I know how to raise my vibration without resistance. A skill that I’ve learned throughout the years. And, as skills often do, it’s become easier and easier.

So I sat at my computer, with no energy and resistant to the task at hand. Instead of closing the laptop and walking away, I cleared my mind. I tapped into my breath and listened to the silence. Eventually, I could hear my neighbor a few doors down cutting his grass. I could also hear an occasional chuckle from my little one in the living room. I continued to breathe and enjoy the soundtrack of my life.

Then, when I was settled, I mentally repeated the following:

“I am so excited about this blog.

I internally recited it to myself about 10 times. While focusing on my breath and this affirmation, I noticed my body slipping my cardigan off of my shoulders so that my arms would have more room to move as I typed. I stopped repeating the affirmation, receiving the signal that I was ready. I had reached a place of alignment between myself and my blog.

And now we’re here. Kind of meta lol.

Today, I want to talk to you about why your affirmations may not be working. Affirmations are a powerful tool that anyone can use to change their internal narrative. You know, the internal narrative that determines your thoughts? The same thoughts that determine what you manifest? Affirmations create the foundation of your manifesting ability. That being said, if the right intention is not present, affirmations can become a big waste of time. Let’s go a little deeper.

The Purpose of Affirmations

Affirmations are phrases that embody your desired mindset as well as your desired physical reality. A good example would be: “I am healthy, whole, and complete” or “I have the perfect job”.

When we repeat an affirmation to ourselves, we are making that phrase a part of our programming. The subconscious mind is to a human, what iOS is to an iPhone. iOS determines which apps are compatible with the device as well as how well the device runs. The subconscious determines which thoughts are compatible with our mental perspective and how well we navigate our own realities. The subconscious is made up of our past experiences and the ideas we’ve been repeating and reliving since we were young.

This means that you’ve been saying affirmations since you were young. The affirmations you’ve been saying may not have been in your best interest. Examples of self-defeating affirmations include: “I never do anything right” or “People always seem to be against me”. These are phrases that may have been developed after disappointing life events. If the phrase felt like truth, chances are you repeated the phrase over and over again. This, then made the phrase a part of your programming and ultimately a part of your reality.

When we learn to curate affirmations internally, for the sake of evolution, we fast forward our own ability to expand. A person who is intimately connected with the phrase “I never do anything right” will have a true spiritual awakening by adopting the affirmation “I never fail (at nothing) I only learn” (thank Queen Herby for that awesome affirmation).

Releasing Resistance to All that Is

A life of ease is your birthright. In order to be worthy of a comfortable life, filled with joy and abundance, all you have to do is be born. If you’re reading this, I think you have the born part figured out.

Affirmations give us the opportunity to unlearn unhelpful affirmations and replace them with new mantras that connect us with the Source of creation instead of creating distance. Affirmations help us unlearn unhelpful programs and limiting beliefs. Through the incredible power of repetition, we are able to make new minds that then bring us into new realities.

What is so important is that we practice patience during the process. We must remember that all of the harmful programs that we live by took years and years of reciting. The same individual who says “I never do anything right”, didn’t always believe those words. It was the programming of the mind that most likely occurred at a very young age. In order to rewire the mind, this person must find a new affirmation and repeat it over and over and over again.

Let’s continue to use this same individual as an example.

So, this person is adopting the affirmation “I never fail. I only learn”, because they are tired of being so hard on themselves. They notice how they spiral into a victim mentality anytime they make a mistake, no matter how small. They are ready to shift into a reality where this is no longer true.

The next time they make a mistake, they will metaphorically stand at a fork in the road.

There will be an opportunity to give into the patterns that are familiar and comfortable yet self-deprecating. There will also be an opportunity to say “I never fail. I only learn”, which is bizarre and unfamiliar, but in alignment with the love that Source has for you.

If the person in our example chooses the latter, chances are they will have a physical reaction. New affirmations often come with mild to extreme freakouts depending on the size of the individual’s comfort zone. This freak-out, though uncomfortable, is a very, very good thing.

It is your signal that your brain is changing.

It is your confirmation that your spirit is demanding to be reflected in your identity and that your ego is fighting for dear life.

It is your indicator that you are going to manifest something new and different because you’re now thinking in a new and different way.

So how do we make it through the “freak-out” without surrendering to old thinking for the sake of relief?

As always, my little love: the breath.

Whenever you have an opportunity to expand you are standing at the same fork in the road. Plant your feet, ground yourself, repeat your affirmation to yourself and BREATHE.

When your bank account depresses you, repeat “Abundance finds me everywhere I go” and BREATHE.

When your SP isn’t returning your text messages, repeat “I am loved” and BREATHE.

When you’re about to walk out of your place of employment because every part of the experience triggers you, repeat “I am exactly where I need to be” and BREATHE.

Repeat the affirmations that align with your desired reality, and prime your brain for all that God is doing behind the scenes. Your job is to simply familiarize yourself with your new personality. LET SOURCE DO THE REST.

Are You Open to A Challenge?

Affirmations give you the ability to completely transform your life. I suggest starting with an affirmation that already feels true and getting used to repeating that affirmation during times of contrast.

The affirmation “I am grateful” is wonderful for this because most of us consider ourselves to be grateful people. It’s easy to look at the sky and feel the beating of our hearts and say “I am grateful.”

When contrast arises, you will have the opportunity to say “I am grateful”. Because the affirmation will be familiar at this point, you will literally feel how your newly strengthened “gratitude program” alchemizes the situation. In a negative situation, you will feel the divine flow within you as you say “I am grateful”. You are now, what I like to call, bulletproof. No negative situation can shake the energetic foundation that you’ve intentionally created.

The fun really comes in when you start to incorporate affirmations that are completely out of your belief system. These are the dramatic ones (that feel less and less dramatic the more that you repeat them). Some examples would be: “I am a millionaire” “I have found the perfect life partner” and “I have perfect health”.

Remember those “freak-outs” we talked about earlier? Those will still occur, but they will also feel less and less dramatic. Remember, a bit of uncomfortableness simply indicates that we are expanding. We want the uncomfortable. Comfortably indicates that everything is staying the same.

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Until next time.

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