Most People Avoid Healing and Poison Their Manifestations (Make Sure This Isn't YOU)

Isn’t it interesting how children understand the importance of being focused on themselves?

Of course, immaturity leads to a somewhat selfish focus, but still, children have this beautiful hunger for self-development. This hunger leads to an open-mindedness that gives the child and ability to create their own personality without bias. True, unbridled freedom.

As we get older, the mind closes in an attempt to protect itself. We start to zone our focus in on what we want to see, the parts of our experience that make us most comfortable. Because of trauma and unwanted memories, we seek safety in the familiar and predictable.

Then we wonder why we end up manifesting the same circumstances over and over again.

The Avoidance of Healing Creates a Life of People Pleasing

By some unknown circumstances, an unidentifiable Source of consciousness decided that your soul belongs on this planet and is worthy of living this life experience.

I choose to identify the gift of life as a reflection of love. This blog post is grounded in a reality that I believe to be true, this reality being:

We are all different expressions of God. Therefore we are loved unconditionally because we are all different expressions of love itself.

Now, what’s important to understand about this reality is the existence of illusion. Anything that separates you from the love of God is an illusion. Any thought that creates a reality where you are not enough is illusory. Still, a reality grounded in illusion can be very convincing.

Traumatic past experiences assist us in creating stories in which we begin to define ourselves as separate from all that is good. When we feel we are separate from our original Source of love, we are constantly chasing a feeling of belonging. Sadly, the chasing never comes to an end. Nothing gained and nothing manifested will ever feel like enough.

Most commonly, those who feel separate from Source seek fulfillment in the approval of people. This idea suggests that the sum of mass approval is equivalent to that feeling of oneness that is lacking. Unfortunately, this is never true because validation comes from within. Any emotion derived from outside of oneself is subject to change and is dependent on external circumstances.

As humans, we have the opportunity to choose which assignment we’d like to dedicate our lives to:

1. Healing our emotional wounds so that we may continuously fall in love with ourselves.


2. Pursuing love from others, hoping that the love of others will give us permission to love ourselves.

Societally, we are programmed to do the latter. This is the reason why so many have difficulty manifesting the life that they desire. Their desire is grounded in people pleasing. Subconsciously, they may not desire what they are consciously pursuing. The pursuit is only taking place because they believe the obtainment of said desire will lead to them being more worthy of love. A love that we already possess within ourselves. The pursuit of these empty desires is not in alignment with our highest selves.

Manifesting for Self Revolves Around Self Study

In order to align with our highest selves, we must understand the depth of what is separating us from that state of mind.

A lot of us are very aware of the trauma that we’ve experienced, but we are less aware of how said trauma impacted our personalities. This ignorance results in a crippling lack of awareness in our daily lives, including awareness surrounding our thoughts and actions.

As I’m sure you know by now, manifestation is all about the quality of one’s thoughts. Our thoughts determine the vibrational frequency which we emit. This then determines the vibrational frequency of what we attract.

The average person may choose to educate themselves on co-creation by focusing on what they want. I am asking you to focus on why you want, what you want. Asking yourself this very question will launch you into a lifelong journey of self-discovery.

Hesitation and nervousness are to be expected when one dedicates themselves to self-study. The majority of our thoughts and actions are protective mechanisms created to avoid the reoccurrence of past situations. Every person is an unconscious result of their past experiences until they choose to practice awareness. That being said, observing our past actions may lead to feelings of shame and guilt.

For this reason, it is important to practice impartiality when broadening our awareness of ourselves. Every single person on this planet has been exposed to trauma. Trauma does not discriminate by race, gender, age, social or economic class. Being ashamed of the actions one took in a state of survival is a choice. For some of you, this may be the first time that you practice compassion with yourself. Become acquainted with this act, for the journey to self requires immeasurable compassion towards self. This is a step that can not be skipped for it is a part of realizing that all love comes from within your person, not from an outside source.

Truly accepting that existence is a lifelong journey to self helps us progress at a comfortable pace. The toxic habit of racing to the metaphorical finish line is a habit that should be avoided in any situation, especially in the pursuit of a better understanding of ourselves. Allow yourself the time and the space to get to know yourself in an honest way. This will lead to a clarity of thought as well as an honest perspective of self.

From here, we can set intentions and manifest them easily and freely. This is because our intention is pure and not burdened with underlying themes of self-pity and self-loathing.

Pursuing v.s Becoming

When we focus on a desire we must be aware of why we want this desire. If the object or desire is acting as a gateway to self-acceptance and self-love, then we must be honest with ourselves about the reason we are focusing our energy are pulling this very thing into our reality.

Do you want to lose weight to be more desirable or do you wish to feel more connected to your own body?

Do you want to attract your SP to prove to yourself that you are indeed lovable or do you love every part of that individual’s personality? So much so that you are prepared to experience both the good and the bad with them?

Do you want to attract financial security to demonstrate how capable you are to those who’ve doubted you or do you wish to experience a life of true freedom?

Pure manifestation propels us forward on our journey to self. When your intention is pure, every manifestation will feel like you’ve turned the page in the book that is your life. What you’ve co-created with Source will be an expression of Source. No part of your manifestation will feel forced or out of place.

When you manifest in hopes of gaining love from outside of yourself any joy contrived from its fulfillment will fade quickly. No gift from the Universe will feel like enough. You will be trapped in a disappointing cycle of wanting and then being underwhelmed. Any desire that manifests from this state will do nothing more than boost the ego. There will be no lasting emotional impact. More importantly, there will be no information within the manifestation about yourself or your journey. It will be empty, with no significance.

Anything you manifest from a state of self-loathing will only strengthen any illusion that you live by. This is why healing emotional wounds is pivotal to the manifesting process.

So be patient with yourself, dear reader. Learn to observe your thoughts, actions as well as the things that you say about yourself. Continuously ask yourself: “Would the Source of all that is, speak about me this way? Would the consciousness that brought me into this experience, that places breath in my lungs every moment, say these things about me?”

Learn to see yourself as God sees you. Then watch how simple and effortless life becomes.

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