Minimalism: The Real Secret to Abundance

Minimalism is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It has changed my life for the better and I plan on teaching it to my children.

Before minimalism, I was always in awe of all that I did not have. I saw images on tv and on social media of a million and one things that I didn’t own and I craved it all. Focusing on all that I did not have kept me in a perpetual state of lack, never really able to embody joy.

I was amazed at how accessible that joy was after my first decluttering session.

My financial life hasn’t stopped expanding since.

What is Minimalism?

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, Minimalism is “a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.”

One can participate in a minimalist lifestyle in a spectrum of different ways. As long as the intention is grounded in simplifying one’s own experience.

Personally, I like to keep minimalism in mind while allowing myself to have a bit more than my basic needs. I monitor everything I own. What’s coming in and what’s going out.

For example, I must consciously think: “I want this” before I buy anything. I use to go shopping by simply showing up at a store and picking out whatever I liked as long as I could “afford” it. Now I only go to stores to intentionally pick up specific items that I desire.

Whenever I have the initial thought that I want to purchase something I ask myself three questions:

  1. How do I feel about the price of the item versus how much I personally value it.

  2. Where will I put this in my home?

  3. Do I already have something like this?

If I already own something similar to the item I want to buy, I ask myself honestly if I would like to upgrade and if it makes sense to do so. If I decide to go through with the upgrade, I then donate the other item.

Over time, this has transformed my life into an experience in which I am surrounded by only things that I love. Manifesting a life that I love is so easy now because I’m always in a state of gratitude.

How Can Minimalism Help Me Attract?

When you practice exclusivity with the items you purchase and keep in your home you immediately begin to curate the energy of your life experience.

Being selective in what you purchase is a practice of evaluating how a specific item feels to you. Instead of impulse leading your decisions, genuine personal interest will lead the way. Participating in a minimalist lifestyle teaches an individual how to identify their desired vibration in this physical realm.

Living a minimalistic lifestyle teaches you how to exist in a state of gratitude. In order to be content, a person who chooses minimalism must decide to find contentment in what they already possess. If not, that individual will find themselves constantly searching for the next external possession to fill a hole.

This hole that I am referring to is the hole created by our emotional wounds. Earthly possessions bring us comfort and joy. When we practice unhealthy attachment to our possessions we weaken our ability to bring ourselves comfort and joy. This state of joy is a natural occurrence when one has gratitude for living and breathing.

Learning to exist in states of gratitude takes all external, physical desires off of the pedestal. You no longer need the desires to feel good, you simply want them because they interest you. Minimalism is the bridge to effortless manifestation.

In order to manifest a specific desire, one must be a vibrational match to the object of their desire. They must also focus on their desire so that they may integrate the desire into the subconscious. The vibrational state of gratitude is already there. All that’s left is the focus portion.

Maintaining a minimalist home means revisiting gratitude every day. This daily appreciation for what one already has ensures that the home will stay simple and open over time.

This leads to the practitioner experiencing an overall simpler lifestyle.

Minimalism Vs. Complexity

I believe that our surroundings are a reflection of what’s happening inside of our minds.

When I first started intentionally manifesting, it was clear to me that I had too much noise in my mind to focus on a singular point of attraction. For me, manifestation becomes easier the more I clear my mind. Healing oneself from anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and a crowded mind takes time. What I noticed is this: the more stuff I got rid of the freer my mind felt.

Now, let me be clear, I am not telling you to throw out all of your stuff today.

What I am suggesting is that you simply start evaluating.

You have some trash thoughts, right? Thoughts that come and go that just make you feel horrible about yourself. These thoughts are lies, of course. You’re a beautiful expression of Source, so any thought that says otherwise is a trash thought. This thought isn’t valuable to you, but it still exists in your mind.

What inside of your home aligns with that description? What item do you notice in your awareness that adds nothing to your experience? A physical trash item is one that you keep around because you fear not having it, not because you actually love it. This item adds nothing to your daily experience. It exists only to keep you comfortable.

You don’t have to throw it out today. But notice it. Then, as the days go by, notice how little use you actually get out of the item.

Over time, this was enough for me to get rid of half of my possessions.

The physical space created by ridding myself of trash possessions also created space in my mind.

I can hear my highest self consistently and clearly. I can also hear my fragile ego when she needs to be reassured. Lately, my inner child has been coming through quite clearly. It’s been nice hearing her and learning about what I truly need to be the best version of myself.

I hope you enjoyed this short piece on the manifesting power behind minimalism!

See you soon.

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