How to Manifest Your DREAM CAREER

Our chosen professions represent a large part of our identities and also take up a large part of our time.

My philosophy on work is very simple:

“Find a way to give value and money will find you.”

No matter what service you are providing, it is important to know how you are giving value to others. The passion that you place behind your service is what determines how satisfied you are with your income.

A lot of us find ourselves expecting the money before understanding the value that we offer. This leads to us creating half-baked ideas of what our professional life should look like. The result is an unfulfilled manifestation.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a traditional employee, manifesting your dream career requires self-awareness. Once you’ve decided how you would like to give value to the world and make the world a better place, follow this guide to manifest the perfect circumstances to attract wealth for yourself.

Create Your Vision

How much money do you want to make? Do you want to work for yourself or for someone else? How many hours a week do you want to spend working vs. spending time with family and friends? What does your work consist of?

Every day must be a practice in refining how you visualize your dream career. Our careers coincide with our passions, so a lot of us are simply thankful for the opportunity to express that passion. But expressing a passion doesn’t inherently lead to attracting wealth.

By understanding how we’d like to give value while also setting the standard for what we expect our lives to look like, we are painting a picture for the universe to recreate. Otherwise, we may find ourselves obtaining desired salaries or job titles yet still finding ourselves deeply unsatisfied.

Be Aware of Your Resources

When you decide that you are worthy of pursuing your dream career, your subconscious mind may push back and create resistance.

Common limiting beliefs are:

“I am not smart enough to get that job.”

“So many other people are more qualified than I am.”

“Most businesses fail within the first year. How can I be an entrepreneur with no experience?”

“I don’t have a degree so I can’t make more than $X an hour”

The beauty of dedicating your life to God and co-creating with the Source of all that is is that you no longer abide by manmade rules. Just because you observe another human’s story, doesn’t mean you must make that story your own.

The number one way to teach your subconscious mind that it is possible for you to expand into the career of your dreams is to become hyperaware of your resources.

When we practice gratitude for what we already have we open ourselves up to receive even more. Practicing gratitude for our resources also rewires our brain from a victim mentality to becoming a mind that is always seeking a solution.

“I am not smart enough to get that job.” To “I am going to learn everything I can about this position from Youtube.”

“So many other people are more qualified than I am.” To “I am going to email someone who is hiring for the position and ask them what they think qualifies a candidate.”

“Most businesses fail within the first year.” To “I’m going to go to my favorite small business and ask them questions about their process.”

“I don’t have a degree so I can’t make more than $X an hour.” To “I am going to use free job finding software to find a job that gives me my desired salary without requiring a degree.”

Everything I mentioned was free.

There is no gatekeeping when you’re working with God. If you have a vision for yourself know that it is more than possible for that vision to come to fruition as long as you use your resources.

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Practice Discernment

Last but not least, is the reality-shifting aspect of this equation.

You’ve defined your vision. You’ve identified your resources. Now what?

Now, you live.

You have set an intention. The Universe hears you. It’s now your responsibility to live presently so that you can be aware of events that give you the opportunity to shift closer to your desired reality.

Within every moment there is an opportunity to pull our desired realities closer.

Let’s imagine that a woman named Crystal decides that she wants to open her own daycare.

Her vision is to have 5-6 employees so that she doesn’t feel overworked. She also wants to make $200,000.00 a year.

While Crystal is at her day job, she hears her co-worker complaining about the daycare she uses to send her son to.

Crystal has the option to mind her business and keep working on her present tasks. She also has the option to ask her co-worker: “What don’t you like about the daycare? What do you think they could do better? Is there anything that you do like?”

In another instance, Crystal may realize that she has an afternoon free. She has the option to make plans with her girlfriend. She also has the option to call her sister to ask if she could babysit. If she takes the latter option she can start to understand what makes a person good at childcare. Creating a better understanding of the employees that she would like to hire.

In this final instance, Crystal is beginning to scout out locations for her daycare.

She knows that for her to have her desired salary, 5 employees in a building, and insurance she would need to make a profit of $500,000 a year.

While Crystal is looking at buildings she has the opportunity to pick a small, modest building that would save her more money. This would be a choice grounded in a scarcity mindset.

Crystal also has the option to find a larger building, where she could keep more children. If the building is large enough for 40 children, 5 classrooms with 8 children each Crystal can meet her profit goals. (This is a very loose business plan. There are more expenses that have not been calculated, but not by much.)

By choosing the larger building, Crystal is shifting into a reality where her desire isn’t only possible, but it is likely!

Discernment of choices is the only way to shift from our present reality, where we are making comfortable and familiar choices, to our desired reality where our choices are new and lead to our expansion.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post dear one!

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Until next time!

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