How to Make It All Fall Into Your Lap: Balance These TWO Things!

I have a small group of women that I coach every week. We script together and then discuss the law of attraction. Our conversations revolve around our perception of what we are looking to call forth as well as our current blocks and limitations.

One of the group members, who is just a phenomenal spirit (you know who you are!) had a huge breakthrough the prior week. She shared her triumph with us and even educated us a bit in the process.

This group member, like most of us, is on a mission to constantly evolve and grow. She has recently processed her new sense of value and self-worth. This shift in her perception has created a ripple effect in her reality. In her words: “All the things that I wanted are falling into my lap”.

She continued to explain that, for her, manifesting is easiest when she just “forgets about it”. I smiled and reassured her that this is a fact that is true for everyone.

Manifesting IS easiest when we just forget about it.

This group coaching session gave me inspiration for this blog post. I realize that I’ve never articulated the importance of balancing tuning one’s vibrational frequency and detaching. I’ve talked about both subjects, but not in relation to each other. I am very excited to discuss this with you because I believe that this information is crucial to anyone who is committed to consciously creating their reality.

Over Fixation is Blocking Your Desire

There are few things in life sweeter than the discovery of a new desire. Once a person gives themselves permission to truly want something, the feeling of self-importance that arises may become quite addictive. Especially if the individual has lived a life filled with disappointment and low self-worth. A person with low self-worth will consistently manifest disappointment because they are attracting what is in alignment with their own perceived value. When a person has expanded to a point of loving themselves enough to unabashedly pursue their true wants, the feeling of being unlimited is almost intoxicating.

When we become obsessed with our desire to the point of over-fixation we are playing a game of tug of war, with a different part of ourselves on each side. On one side there’s the part of us that is confident in Source’s ability to deliver as well as our belief that we are worthy of the good that we are requesting. On the other side, our lack of self-worth creates hundreds of reasons why we can’t get what we want. This part of ourselves refuses to believe that the process can be easy.

One moment we believe it’s on its way to us, the next we feel as if our desire couldn’t be further away. What we don’t realize is that we are unintentionally playing ping-pong with our manifestation. It could be right around the corner until our doubt propels it in the opposite direction.

This is why it is so important to identify the vibration of your desire and then to intellectually let go of the image of the desire while still living in the curated vibration.

Manifesting requires one to increase their ability to alchemize their feminine energy. The “thing” that we are manifesting itself, is masculine. The object of your desire is masculine. You are learning to not be in pursuit of these things but to become magnetic so that these things become attracted to you. In order to manifest the object of your desire, you must learn how to emotionally align with that, that you want.

Constantly thinking about your desire without reflecting on your internal state does nothing for your cause. On the other hand, knowing that you are valuable and worthy of your desire and maintaining that internal state, will work wonders.

Tuning Your Vibrational Frequency

To use the law of attraction to attract your desire is to identify the vibration of that desire and then stay in alignment with that vibration.

The very surface level of this identification process would be to imagine how you would feel if you had that desire. Notice what positive emotions come up and experiment with holding onto those emotions and making those emotions a part of your everyday reality.

To get beneath the surface is to commit oneself to study a desire so that one may both intellectually and emotionally understand what frequency is required of their desire.

For example, a person who manifests $100,000 knows that they would feel joyful, excited, and content. That is the emotional part of their vibration. The feminine. Intellectually, this person would have to know how they are going to store this money, awareness of the tax situation as well as how they plan on using this money to create more. The person in this example isn’t manifesting a situation where they blow through the money in a year. They are manifesting this money to create sustainable, lifetime wealth. All of these factors are the grounded, logical, less creative aspect of the manifestation, i.e. the masculine.

Now you may be saying “Dominique. Doesn’t overthinking my manifestation kill it?”

And to that, I would say: Absolutely.

Dear reader, I am not telling you to think about every single possible aspect of your manifestation. I am illustrating that a manifestation has both masculine and feminine aspects. As conscious cocreators, we tend to focus on how we would “feel” if we were to manifest our desire. At this moment, I am asking you to also incorporate confidence that will be able to maintain your desire no matter what.

The feminine aspect of ourselves, what is required to pull our manifestation to us, is rooted in the unlimited creativity of this universe. So when we are focusing our efforts on attracting our desires, we must truly believe in the power of our own creativity.

This means planting a knowing, deep in your heart, that we are worthy of what we are calling forth. Even if the unexpected occurs, we will take care of our desire and nurture our desire from a place of love. Growing the belief that you have the ability to make your desire so happy, that it would be crazy not to want you. This is the transition from “Why would this happen to me?” to “ I know this is mine.”

Conscious creation is the art of identifying how it would feel to have what you want and then creating a home for that very thing, within yourself. This journey requires an evolution of self-worth, so much so that you no longer doubt your desires but instead open yourself up to them. Always asking, “If not me, then who else?” And knowing that there is no answer. It’s you. It’s always you.

That is the vibrational frequency required to pull a manifestation into your reality.

How to Let Go

After identifying the vibration required to manifest your desire, you must get back to living.

Every part of your focus can not be on the unseen process. The co-creation part is over. Now it’s time to trust.

If you choose to question the Universe, you are playing the part of the insecure feminine accusing a good man of cheating when all he’s ever done was love you.

I truly believe that this is the reason why men or people with a more dominant masculine energy have a much easier time manifesting their desired reality. They made the decision to trust, so they just do it. No fluidity or teetering.

In my opinion, the easiest way to let go is to pursue joy in the present moment.


Because true joy is an expression of the spirit. Any reason you have for not allowing yourself to experience joy is a reason blocking you from experiencing your desired reality. In your desired reality, you are joyful.

By focusing on the pursuit of happiness you are aligning with the “you” that’s already manifested everything you’ve ever wanted.

Joy is often subtle. It can be the simple act of writing a poem or singing a song. Maybe it’s cooking in your kitchen or taking a child out to pick flowers. Consistently perform actions that bring you joy and allow the Universe to do its part. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Until next time, my dear reality bender.

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