Face the Truth: She's Just Not That Into You! How to Become Attractive to Prosperity

The energy of abundance isn’t as elusive as we make it seem.

If prosperity were a person, a lot of us would define her as fickle and condescending. If she were a person, how do you think this would make her feel?

Do you notice how you tend to stay away from people who judge you and decide your character, without giving you the benefit of the doubt? Could it be, that Prosperity thinks the same way?

Of course, Prosperity isn’t a person, but a vibration. Still, I believe that personifying the energy of Prosperity gives us a more grounded understanding of how our personal thoughts may be repelling the same vibration we are hoping to maintain.

In this blog post, we will examine our beliefs about Prosperity as if we are attracting Prosperity as a life partner. Practice awareness as we continue on, for your beliefs about relationships and the roles that you play in those relationships will be extremely relevant.


To peacock means to display one’s best attributes in order to attract a partner.

If you were in a crowded room and Prosperity was present, what would you do to get her to notice you?

Would you sit in the corner, unmoving, and stare at her?

This is a metaphor for a daily over-fixation of wealth. So many of us focus our thoughts on our lack of money and how much happier we would be if we had more of it. Every time we enter a store we become distracted from our intended purchase and instead focus on what we can not afford. When we are in the comfort of our homes, we look around and notice the furniture that we lack or imagine how much simpler life would be if we just had specific appliances.

This is the equivalent of staring at Prosperity without interacting. You place all of your attention on her and make it her responsibility to interpret your gaze. Not the best opener, in my opinion.

On the other end of the spectrum, generosity is a subtle way to showcase your personality. Sharing our wealth with others, while still maintaining internal balance communicates a sense of emotional wellbeing.

To be clear, I mean to give from the heart without any feelings of angst. Prosperity can tell if you’re only being kind because you know she’s watching. Opening your heart and sharing your good fortune, for the sake of others, is very attractive.

Another way to catch the eye of Prosperity is to admire her relationship with others. Being a jealous and possessive partner will keep her at an arm's length. Instead, see the beauty Prosperity brings into the lives of others without feeling jealous. Just because she has other relationships, doesn’t mean she cares for you any less.

Compliment others on their wealth, especially people who possess things that are similar to what you desire. Be proud of those who accomplish milestones such as buying their first house, purchasing their dream car, and being promoted into a prestigious position. Literally feel pride for someone other than yourself. Prosperity will notice your confidence.

Prosperity is always in the room with you. She is observing you, wondering if you are a friend or a foe. She takes note of your insecurities and she notices your poise. Be aware of the personality traits that you are displaying.

Contentment and Gratitude

Prosperity has a soft spot for you and she always will. She will forgive you time and time again. She will give you opportunity after opportunity to prove your devotion.

That being said until you prove said devotion she will keep herself guarded.

She will give you a little and notice how you respond to her attention. Do you value her time and shower her with affection? Or do you take her for granted and instead demand more?

Like most women, Prosperity is willing to give you the world if she feels appreciated.

What do you already possess that you can feel gratitude for?

Everything that we own, we once desired. Now we have it. You have the ability to feel overwhelmingly prosperous and abundant if you learn how to train your focus.

Committing yourself to gratitude is committing yourself to Prosperity.

That means that you have to choose gratitude over and over. Like marriage, you must commit yourself to your gratitude habitually, even when you don’t feel like it. This is how you show Prosperity that you see her for who she is, not what she can do for you.

Learn to live your life within your current means while knowing that you are attracting more. Trust the process and live your life. Why would Prosperity commit herself to you if you’ve stopped living life on her behalf? That’s too much pressure. You’ve now made it her job to make you happy when the only person who can make you happy is yourself. Don’t wait up for her. Let her come to you.

Don’t pressure Prosperity to hang around because you selfishly crave the security of her presence. Instead, be content with the attention that she does show you while working to be the type of person that she can commit to. She wants to be with you, but she’s waiting for you to grow up a little, first.

Responsibility with Prosperity’s Heart

Will you keep Prosperity safe? Will you honor and value her?

Creating a home for Prosperity means that you are dedicated to showing up for her and practicing responsibility for her heart.

No woman wants to be with a partner that is going to pull the rug out from under her feet.

I learned to be responsible with Prosperity in steps. I want to share this process with you.

When I was at my most destitute, I was ashamed. I was spending more than I earned and my expenses heavily outweighed my income. I was always looking for a handout or for the Universe to show me pity until I learned about the law of attraction. I then understood that if I didn’t have wealth it was because I was repelling wealth.

So how could I learn to attract instead of repelling?

The first step was practicing gratitude for what I had. The only way to do this was to consciously KNOW what I had. I had to suck it up and count my money. Instead of having a vague idea of my monthly income, I had to count in and know how much I earned down to the penny.

Instead of estimating how much I was spending on my expenses as well as my luxuries, I had to go into my online banking account and add up the charges.

This was an intimidating process, but it was also very freeing. My finances weren’t in great shape, but knowing where the cracks in the ship were allowed me to prepare to repair the cracks.

Next, I learned how to budget my money. Instead of focusing on my desires, I focused on logistics. When are my habits endangering my financial stability? I know how much I make a month, now I must figure out a way to lessen my expenses and spending so that I don’t go into the negatives.

I’ve patched the crack in the ship. Now I’m looking for leaks.

Then it was time to face my debt. This meant adding up my total debt and making a long-term plan to pay it off.

I started by paying $25 dollars a month on my credit cards. It wasn’t much, but it was so empowering. I’ve plugged the leaks, now I feel confident enough to climb up to the top deck of my ship. I know that no water is seeping in.

I was paying my bills on time and paying down my debt, I had enough confidence to imagine what my financial future will look like. I began to plan dinners with friends, trips with my husband, and activities with my children.

The operative word is plan. Before, I would impulsively go on dinner dates with friends, nights out with my husband, and shop for my children. Then I’d be left to wonder how I spent so much money in the course of one week. Now, I imagine something that I would like to do. Then I look at my finances and make a plan on how to do it.

Sometimes all I have to do is look at my finances and say “Okay, this will work.” Other times, I have to say “Not today, but in a month if I put away $50 a week.” We’ve begun to steer the ship. The sails have been let down. We are navigating our way across the ocean.

There’s so much more to this story. Emergency funds, acquiring assets, investing in the stock market. This post can go on for days. I don’t say this to intimidate you, but to remind you that much like your relationship with your spouse, your relationship with Prosperity will continually evolve.

This evolution can only occur if you fully commit to her.

Don’t string her along and don’t allow material things to endanger your relationship with her. The fruit gained from a healthy relationship with Prosperity is ripe and always worth it.

Love her fully and watch your world transform.

Until next time!