Destroy Resistance By Cosplaying Your Desired Self - Understanding the Law of Assumption

Opening your eyes to a new reality is accepting the fact that your desired reality looks a little different from the reality that you are currently experiencing. Perhaps your desired reality looks a lot different from the reality that you are currently experiencing. Either way, there are changes that need to take place.

Learning to flow with change is an awesome skill. If a person is willing to evolve as new information is presented, they will experience less resistance than a person trapped in familiarity.

In the case of conscious co-creation, the resistance to change presents itself as a challenge had by the ego. We begin to visualize and understand what we would like our life experience to feel like, then we experience misalignments that are rooted in our belief system.

As I pondered this, I asked myself “Is there an easier way for a person to instantly shift into their manifested life without all the drama that comes with the healing journey”?

My intention isn’t to spiritually bypass but to give an individual an opportunity to embody their desired experience so that they can give themselves energetic direction. The inspiration for this think-piece is very much rooted in Abraham Hicks teachings. Encouraging the mind to focus on what one wants and what one wants, only.

What’s a bit less Abraham Hicks-esque is my belief that healing and evolution must take place before we are able to maintain this shift. Still, that doesn’t mean we should not attempt to hold this newer vibration, even if it is just for a moment.

Resistance Presented By the Identity

What if we allowed ourselves to wear our desired identity as a costume? Can we give ourselves permission to think thoughts and perform actions that align with our perception of the desired self? The desired self being the person we believe we will become once we've manifested our desire. Cosplay as the version of yourself that already has manifested whatever it is that you want.

When you think of this personality shift as a costume, you give yourself the opportunity to bypass any resistance that blocks you from fully experimenting with the personality you are shifting into. If you’re consciously manifesting a desire you are manifesting a personality shift, in tandem. Instead of waiting for your manifestation to come to fruition, you can adopt the personality shift now. This will speed up the attraction process.

When you put on your “costume” there will be resistance because this personality is not yet your own. The opportunity for expansion comes when you are aware enough to notice the differences in your costume vs your current personality.

You can also think of yourself as an actor that has been given a role to play. Your desired personality is the role and you are committed to fully being that person. Whether you look at this exercise from the perspective of a cosplayer or an actor is dependent on what resonates with your personality more.

Creating Your Role

The role that you play is completely dependent on the reality that you want to manifest. When you curate your costume, the main question you must ask yourself is this:

“What personality traits would I have to possess to maintain the reality that I wish to manifest?”

For the sake of better understanding, let's get into an example:

Nina is the founder of a non-profit created to provide mentorship to young women. She believes that her non-profit serves girls who do not have positive female leadership, or role models, in their lives.

Nina doesn’t have a lot of support when she creates fundraisers for the non-profit. She finds that it is difficult to connect with people who care about her cause, but she’s slowly beginning to see that the attention of others is necessary for her nonprofit’s success.

After much contemplation, Nina decides that she must become a social media influencer so that she may spread awareness about her brand in a way that allows her complete creative control. The potential to bring the nonprofit to a global audience inspires Nina so much that she is ready to commit to the desire. After committing to the desire, she feels in complete alignment.

Nina decides to “cosplay” a successful social media influencer that is connected to thousands and is currently creating substantial change in her community.

For her to feel successful, Nina realizes that she must have an audience of at least 25,000 followers. She would also like to throw 1 fundraiser a month and raise a total of $10,000 a month for her cause, while still being able to pay herself 50K a year.

Therefore Nina’s costume is the following:

A social media influencer with a following of over 25,000, who fundraises over $10,000 a month for her cause. She throws a sold-out fundraiser at least once a month and lives comfortably.

As Nina wears her costume throughout the day, she begins to ponder the different actions she can take to further embody the personality she’s taken on. While considering her social media account as well as how she would connect to her community she realizes that there are specific personality traits that would serve her purpose.

Nina’s role feels believable when she sees herself as a creative person, who is social as well as committed to the community. She adopts these personality traits as her day progresses. Even though she isn’t sharing her experiment with others verbally, she is indeed showing up as this curated personality.

The Learning Curve

Now that Nina has experienced embodying her desired personality, it’s time to stop pretending. This exercise is to be done over the course of several hours on days that offer a good learning opportunity. We do not put on the costume to become one with the costume. This, again, would be spiritual bypassing. This is not a “Mask/Jim Carey” situation.

What is more productive than permanently pretending is noticing what changed while we were “in the role”. More specifically, we should ask ourselves:

“What qualities of my costume came easily for me? What personality traits did I struggle to adopt?”

A reminder, Nina’s main qualities to adopt included: being creative, social and consistent.

After reflecting, Nina realized that being creative was the easiest trait for her to embody since she’s always seen herself as a naturally creative person. Her mind begins to reel as she imagines creating social media content and planning themed fundraiser benefits.

Though Nina wouldn’t call herself a social butterfly, she does enjoy interacting with others. She believes that pushing to become more a social butterfly will serve to make her costume more authentic. At that moment, Nina texted 4 people to see if they have plans for the upcoming week. She commits herself to putting more social plans on her calendar.

The misalignment came in whenever Nina began to think about showing up on social media every single day. The thought almost created dread within her. At this moment, Nina realized that her biggest undertaking would be the act of committing to the social media account. Inherently, she didn’t like the idea of being tied to a phone application. She felt as if she would feel her productivity was becoming forced.

Nina reflected on the numerous times that she gave up on projects because they became boring. She decided that it was time to break the cycle. She ordered a book about the psychology of Social Media and pledged to read 10 pages a day. Though Nina wasn’t always consistent, she always kept her word. Reading a book may not be the same as starting a social media account and finding followers, but Nina knew that reading was an action that she could commit to and show up fully for. She trusted that the next step would present itself.

After you take off your costume, ask yourself honestly: “what did I struggle with?”. Then shift your focus to realistic ways you can expand your personality so that the struggle becomes a bit easier. You’ll notice over time that personality traits that once seemed foreign become integral parts of the way you choose to navigate the world.

I hope you enjoyed this read, my dear friend.

Until next time!

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