Decide that the Current Version of You is the ONE THAT WINS.

Can we throw away the notion that it takes a long time for dreams to come true?

Seriously, can we just trash it?

I live in a reality where my lessons appear as my consciousness opens. This means that I am always learning, always progressing, and always reaching a new level of my dreams.

I am more than aware that I am already living my dream. Each day, the level of gratitude that I offer reaffirms that I already have everything that I want and need.

In this blog post, I would like to teach you how to shift from the waiting room to the full, 3D tactile experience. As with most thing's law of attraction, it is a perspective shift that allows you to enter this new reality. Can I take this time to say, that I am so thankful that you’ve chosen me to be your coach? Thank you for letting me guide you through this shift.

No more waiting. In the next few minutes, I am going to give you the information that you need to step into your desired reality today. The version of you that is reading this is the version of you that will attract exactly what you want.

Doubling Down On Your Purpose

Clarifying your purpose is a very important part of the co-creation process. Understanding who you intend to be during your earthly experience gives you the opportunity to focus your energy in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

When you know your purpose, you open your consciousness up to everything in your experience that supports your purpose. This is how understanding your purpose intensifies your magnetism. Your thoughts are more aligned with who you intend to be vs random, superficial experiences.

A lot of us already know what our purpose is. Some of us know what our purpose is, but our self-worth does not align with what our purpose demands. When you accept your purpose, you are opting into a lifelong mission. This mission expects you to show up, to the best of your capacity even when you do not feel like it. By simply showing up, you are allowing yourself to embody your purpose, thus fulfilling your soul.

This step takes commitment. I understand how difficult it can be to commit to one’s own purpose when they are not sure of what they’re committing to. Let’s talk about how to identify one’s ultimate purpose, once and for all.

I outlined this video on September 7th. On September 8th, Qveen Herby (Yes, I’m obsessed. Let it go.) released a podcast on “Finding Your Purpose”. When you live a life so interconnected with God, things like this happen multiple times a day. I wasn’t surprised. I was just thankful for the affirmation that this post is exactly what you guys need at this exact moment.

On her podcast she mentioned the Ikigai Diagram This is a Japanese Diagram that asks the following questions:

1. What do you love?

2. What are you good at?

3. What does the world need?

4. What can you be paid for?


When you fill in the chart and answer these questions you may notice that your answers overlap. The overlapping sections define the following:

Your Passion

Your Mission

Your Profession

Your Vocation

I highly encourage you to complete an Ikigai diagram for yourself. This will illustrate a version of you that is centered and focused.

The very first step of demanding your reality blossom is understanding how you must show up. This is not a separate, different version of yourself. This is the current version of yourself with more direction and clarity. You do not need anything to be this person. You already are.

Override Old Beliefs With “It’s Happening Now”

Each new day is an opportunity to better understand how to focus your energy and shift your perspective onto your focus.

If your purpose was not your priority, you may find that this perspective shift comes with a bit of resistance. No person on earth, no matter how experienced, is able to switch from one mindset to a completely different one without resistance.

This resistance often comes in the form of impatience, doubt, and ultimately self-sabotage. It feels so nice to think about ourselves experiencing our dream reality. These visualizations should feel good. That good feeling is a sign that we are attracting a life that is in alignment with our souls. Still, if there is a large amount of contrast between the visualization and our present reality, that presents a lot of space for thoughts that do not support the energetic direction that we are traveling in.

These thoughts may sound like the following:

“Why would this happen now? It’s never happened before.”

“Good things don’t really happen to people. It’s all a fairytale.”

“No one really enjoys their life. Why would I be the exception?”

I could go on and on.

The unfortunate thing about these thoughts is that they can be very, very convincing.

This is why you must make a conscious, absolute decision.

You must DECIDE that the version of you that is reading this blog post is the version of you that will attract everything that you desire.

Not an abstract, future version of yourself that has it all together but the you that is still learning and growing. The you that is living an experience that is kind of messy. Because the truth is this: our life experiences will always be messy. The mess is the experience. Can you make peace with the fact that you are not perfect, plant your feet and say: “I’m ready now.”?

When you say those magic words you are communicating your willingness to show up, even if you’re not showing up perfectly. That’s all the universe wants from you, just to show up.

So when resistance arises and everything starts to feel like a mess, reassure yourself, because you’ve never been afraid of a little bit of chaos. Chaos is momentum. Embody that energy, don’t run from it because you will not get very far. Instead, become a Denman brush and detangle that matted wig. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction.

When you think thoughts that attempt to pull you back to your stagnant reality repeat to yourself, out loud:

“It’s happening now.”

Remind yourself that it is THIS version of you that gets to taste the fruit. Open your heart up and be vulnerable. Accept that a new life is on its way to you and it may be scary and have a lot of learning curves. That is okay. You can handle it. We’re never given anything that we can’t handle. So tell yourself that you are ready to rise to the occasion, even if you mess up and it’s not perfect, you are ready now. You must practice flexibility. Learn a lesson, implement it into your reality adjust to the new information. Learn, implement, adjust. Learn, implement, adjust. Your ego may not like it, but your soul definitely will.

Stop Looking At the Clock

So now you actually believe that it’s this version of you is the one that will experience your desires fulfilled.


Okay, so where is it?

This is the roadblock that leads so many reality benders on a never-ending cycle of raising their vibration, becoming disappointed, losing faith, and lowering their vibration only to raise it again.


Instead of focusing on the lack of progress in your physical reality, shift your attention to the current lesson that the universe is presenting to you. What is the current theme of your life experience? Do you feel grounded, present, and aware, or overwhelmed and frustrated?

What are you currently experiencing?

If you find that you are experiencing turmoil or contrast you must ground yourself. Prayer and meditation are the number one ways to align your heart with Source.

This way, when your physical reality is all but in alignment with your desired one, you are maintaining a connection with the Source of creation who is also your co-creation partner. This connection makes it possible for you to energetically navigate the quantum shift that occurs when you change realities. You will not be a victim of the ocean but a surfer riding a wave.

Decide that it is THIS version of you that gets to have the fun. It’s your time. It’s happening now!

Until next time!

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