Becoming a Beacon: You’re Not Entitled to Something Just Because You Want It

Very early in my manifesting journey, I developed what can only be described as a “bratty attitude” when it came to my desires.

Whenever I would encounter a mental block or a physical challenge, I would throw a tantrum and immediately submit to a perspective grounded in victimhood. It was all very dramatic. Trust me.

There’s something so magical about the time in one’s life when one discovers that they are the co-creator of their own reality. The limitlessness of it all is so tantalizing. But the magic fades once we become aware of our own self-constructed limitations.

So many of us, myself included, fall prey to the vicious cycle of wanting with all our heart, not receiving, and then expressing our frustration with our current circumstances only to repeat the cycle again, and again, and again.

Today, I would like to help you end the cycle of disappointment. Ending the cycle for good starts by accepting one simple fact:

Just because you want something does not mean that you are entitled to that thing.

You’re Not Entitled to Something Just Because You Want It

Attracting a desire is s a process of understanding one’s own internal vibration and shifting the mind, body, and spirit into an acceptable home for the object of desire. “How much” a person wants something does not affect said person’s magnetism. At least, not in a positive way.

Desire can become overwhelming if a person’s fear programming takes creative control. If this happens, a person may place their attention on the fear of not having the desire instead of how they would feel if they did have the desire.

At the end of the day, we are all beautiful expressions of God’s love. I think that we all know this, deep down. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to articulate this knowing. A lot of us have this feeling that our lives are supposed to be “better", more grounded in love and abundance. But because we are not taught how to develop these energies within ourselves, we look for shortcuts.

The shortcuts never work. Forcing circumstance and encouraging denial within ourselves does not bring us to the mountain top. A beautiful life is every human’s birthright. It is programming that misaligns one’s vibration.

In other words: Your desired reality is your birthright, but you are not entitled to your desired reality until you realign your internal vibration.

I encourage you to practice awareness of your inner thoughts. This will help you learn if you are chasing your desire by constantly noticing the lack of that thing in your life or if are you attracting your desire by better understanding what it feels like so that the Universe knows that you’re acting as a beacon.

Constantly thinking thoughts like:

“I can’t wait until it’s here.” “Life will be so much better once this happens.” “It’s so easy for other people to attract it, why not me?”

You are communicating to the Universe that you do not have what you want and you would like more of the not having, please. Creating momentum in the opposite direction of what you actually want. You are energetically chasing with so much force that your desire can’t help but run away. You’re coming in too hot.

The first step in stopping this mad game of cat and mouse is by digging your heels into the dirt. Stop running. Be still. Find beauty right here.

Nor does the masculine nor the feminine enjoy being pursued at such an intense rate.

If a person wanted to date you, what would be more attractive?

“I need you. Why aren’t you here? When will you be here?”


“I have a happy life. I am a happy person. Still, I really like you and would love for you to be a part of my experience.”

Now ask yourself, which frequency are you emitting?

Shifting into Curiosity

Now that you have found contentment with your current circumstances you are ready to start actively attracting your desire.

This is a very active process of noticing when our thoughts are grounded in lack and then rerouting them to thoughts of curiosity.

For example, if a person is looking to attract a brand new car they may find themselves constantly frustrated by their need for transportation. This person’s mind is consistently preoccupied with thoughts about ride-sharing services, missed opportunities because of lack of transportation, and fear of losing employment because of being unreliable. These are all thoughts centered around NOT having a car.

A different way to approach the desire would be by learning about the desire.

This person could ask themselves, “If I had the budget to purchase the car what would I do?”

This is an opportunity to learn about downpayment, borrowers, interest loans, and car dealerships.

Let’s say a bit of time passes and this person feels the same fear programming circulate through their mind. They can ask themselves, “What else do I need to know about owning my car?”

This is an opportunity to pick a specific car and learn all about the car with confidence that it will soon be a valued possession.

There is always more we can learn about our desired manifestations. Leaning into curiosity and learning speeds up the process of expansion by way of knowledge. The more you learn the more you are becoming the type of person capable of maintaining whatever it is that you desire. Your energetic focus shifts from not having and to building a reality with your desire. And, by learning more about your desire you’re subconsciously making the obtainment of your desire more realistic to you.

Do You Want it Bad Enough to Do What It Takes?

Finally, you must make a life-altering decision.

Ask yourself this: Am I willing to commit myself to obtain my desire through logic and not by way of emotion?

Emotions are inconsistent. They ebb and flow as well as change from one season to the next. When we manifest through our emotional perspective, our feelings are always changing. The accelerated momentum comes in when we shift from curiosity and into the application, beginning to apply all that we’ve learned to our perspective.

This means holding faith in Source that our desire is on its way to us and using our now expanded understanding of our desire to refine how we think about our desire.

Staying grounded when there is an opportunity to be swept away by emotion is a skill that must be developed. Conscious commitment to this skill is what makes all the difference. Using knowledge to develop ourselves and inform our decisions is a much less tumultuous way to manifest, as opposed to hoping and wishing for the best.

That being said, I wish you the best. I hope you enjoyed this read.

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