3 Ways You’re Blocking Your Manifestation: Secrets That Only A Coach Would Tell You!

I have been studying the law of attraction for six years now. I have manifested my dream relationship, my dream career, my dream apartment, my dream children, and ultimately: my desired mental state.

I started a coaching business two years ago. In the beginning, I started a small group called “Manifestation Yoga Collective”. When we met, we would discuss concepts having to do with the law of attraction and then embody those concepts through practicing yoga.

In 2021 I began to take one on one clients. This is when I really started to observe a consistent theme amongst all of my clients. The majority of my client's focus was on their external realities, instead of their internal vibration.

This isn’t uncommon! It doesn’t take long to hear the saying “The feeling is the secret” while listening to different law of attraction gurus on Youtube. Even though there is a lot of guidance on Youtube, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to dig a little deeper. I want to teach you about the most common law of attraction blockages I encounter and how to get over them.


Because I love you. To be honest, I do not believe in hoarding information in order to attract financial abundance. I give information freely and the Universe shows its appreciation in return.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss the most common, uncommon, ways that practitioners of the law of attraction block the fruition of their desires.

Fear of Momentum

If you’ve followed my platform for any amount of time, you know that I am a big fan of shifting realities through the practice of scripting. Scripting is the practice of writing an event as if it has already happened, with a focus on internal emotions as well as the external sensory experience.

The practice of scripting teaches a person how to embody their desired reality as if it has already happened. Scripting, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful ways to get the stagnant energy moving and to create change in areas of your life that once seemed hopeless.

I’ve had several clients who enjoyed scripting, but after a few experiences, they then avoid scripting like the plague.

This is because scripting brings immediate results. When we write, we are given the opportunity to express the beliefs of our subconscious mind. Scripting challenges us to hear the thought in our minds and then alchemize the thought into an experience that would serve us, on paper.

For example, a person may have difficulty manifesting a smooth home buying process because they aren’t happy at their job. This person may believe that obtaining a mortgage loan is impossible because they do not see themselves at their job long enough to make obtaining that loan “realistic”.

Let’s say that this person decides to practice scripting. They write:

“My employer gives me a jolly pat on the back. She says that she is blown away by my performance over the past year and that no one deserves to own a house more than I. I laugh with her after she begs for an invite to my housewarming. It feels good to put the turmoil behind us.”

There is a drastic difference between the above person’s immediate reality and the scripting entry that they’ve created. The scripting entry will encourage their brain to go to work and see different ways that joy is possible within their job. This person will also notice that they feel elevated emotions and that their manifestation doesn’t seem as “far away”.

Now this individual has a choice:

They can either continue to script and evolve with their reality.


They can stop scripting right then and there because the immediate change and the momentum behind the positive energy freaked them out.

If you find yourself choosing the latter option, I invite you to practice the affirmation “I am safe” consistently on your manifesting journey. As our reality transforms around us, we may start to fear the changes because they are unfamiliar. Learning to ground yourself on this journey will give you confidence as you experience growth and expansion in your life. You can either buckle up or keep your seatbelt unlocked on the rollercoaster. What’s it going to be?

Difficulty Allowing in the Good

Pessimism is one of the main deterrents when one is manifesting their desired reality. It is human nature to believe that “bad things” are a byproduct of life, especially if one has consistently experienced bad things. Unfortunately living this way means that one is giving their power away to the negative circumstances of the past.

When we expect negative outcomes, we create energetic barriers that block our ability to attract the good that we desire. What’s more frustrating is that we can only attract good at the level that we believe is possible. This is why so many don’t experience magic and miracles in everyday life: they simply don’t believe that they exist. Your thoughts determine how miraculous the outcome will be.

This means that intentional manifestation is the act of retraining our brain to expect good, even if it’s in small, seemingly insignificant ways. You may also find that as you retrain your mind, your body still EXPECTS negative life experiences.

For example, a woman and her boyfriend get into toxic arguments. They both say things that hit below the belt and the relationship is not sustainable for either of them.

The woman chooses to practice gratitude for her boyfriend. She notices more good about him instead of bad. Interestingly enough, even though they are arguing less, she finds herself in states of agitation more. Her day may be peaceful and filled with positive occurrences, but by the time the afternoon rolls around she’s in a state of irritation, ready to argue with anyone who challenges her.

This is because her body is used to being in a state of anger and resistance at least once a day. Just because she and her partner aren’t arguing as often doesn’t mean that her body automatically got the message.

Overcoming the expectation of negative events comes down to one thing: surrendering to the good. Allowing good to enter your life, even though you have no idea what it looks like or feels like. Allowing peace into your experience even if it doesn’t align with the thoughts you’re currently thinking or the way your body feels. That is how you shift realities.

In moments where you feel overwhelmed by pessimistic thoughts or if you find your body preparing for a negative event, ask yourself: “What would an optimistic person be thinking right now?” Challenge yourself to create a positive mental narrative. Continue to monitor your thoughts and align them with an optimistic version of yourself, despite discomfort.

Resisting the Natural Flow

Manifesting is an act of CO-CREATION. We are the CO-PILOTS. There are two forces creating together.

So, when you go into your manifesting journey expecting the course of your journey to be predictable you are setting yourself up for failure.

Believing that you will be able to expect every twist and turn only sets you up to experience resistance when the unexpected occurs. Ironically, the unexpected must occur in order for you to experience a reality that you’ve never lived before.

I’d like to use myself for this last example. I recently filmed a yoga class:

I usually experience a bit of anxiety before filming my yoga classes. There are a lot of technical elements that can feel overwhelming. These feelings are in addition to the pressure I place on myself to deliver the class the way that I envision it.

Before filming, I scripted a fun filming experience. In the journal entry, I focused on the joy I get from teaching as well as the feeling of being aligned with my purpose.

Now you may not be able to tell, but the yoga class that I just linked was filmed three times in the course of 2 hours.

The first time I got tongue-tied. After I stopped filming I realized that my mic wasn’t completely plugged in. If I would have continued filming, I would have filmed the entire class with no sound. How frustrating would that have been?

The second time, I mixed up the yoga sequence. After