3 Ways to Find Perfect Balance When Manifesting: Let the Universe Be Your Guide

Hello, Beloved Bendy Bunch!

I hope that April has treated you well.

Today we will be discussing one of the fastest ways to manifest while still maintaining one’s sense of self.

Seeking Alignment

While gathering information and observing an everchanging reality, one can get caught up in all of the possibilities. Not only is unlimited potential overwhelming, but so is the feeling of unease when we compare what we want to what we have experienced.

A person can be aware of life’s capabilities while also fearing the good life has to offer. This is because the person's vibrational setpoint doesn't support the vibration of what they're hoping to attract. The good feels foreign. A person can be so accustomed to lack, disappointment, and fear that any other emotions are avoided because they are uncomfortable.

You will often hear me referring to the process of manifesting one’s desired reality as a “journey”. This implies that a Reality Bender knows where they are starting as well as where they are going.

A struggling single mother knows that she wants to be financially secure and married. A 3rd shift food service worker knows that they want to be a successful entrepreneur completely in control of their time and schedule. Both of these reality shifts imply a colorful journey from one reality to another.

The fastest way to drive from one destination to another is to make sure that the vehicle is in good condition. Ideally in great condition. In alignment, if you will. The vehicle’s alignment may shift as it travels over rocky terrain and the car may be damaged with some scratches and dents along the journey. Still, if maintenance is being kept up, the car will make it to the destination and the driver will have experienced an adventure.

It is exactly the same for manifesting. The more energy you devote to shifting reality the more you will evolve. As this evolution takes place, it is important that a Reality Bender stays aware of the intention behind their manifestation. This way, the Reality Bender will not be distracted by all that is shiny and new, yet not in alignment with what they ultimately want.

The secret to obtaining your desired reality while maintaining your core values is one thing and one thing only: balance.

Today’s blog post will detail 3 important steps to take if you are committed to maintaining that balance and having a smooth journey to your destination.

Before we discuss the 3 steps I encourage you to complete the Vibrational Roadmap Worksheet. This worksheet gives you an opportunity to identify the elements that you observe in your current reality and the elements you expect to be present in your desired reality.

Vibrational Roadmap
Download PDF • 3.30MB

Step 1: Learning to Listen

Silence is the language of the universe. Sound is a sign of life, silence is the opportunity for life to be expressed. When we take the time to find stillness, we are organizing our internal state.

We are so used to filling the silence with noise that silence is often equated with boredom. This is a mindset that you want to avoid, my friends, for silence holds all the answers that we seek.

Through silence, we are able to hear our thoughts, therefore more able to determine our internal state. Silence gives us the ability to ground ourselves in the safety of the present moment, while also energizing us for any future action. This is especially important when considering the "Vibrational Roadmap" worksheet. Silence gives you the ability to identify if you're comfortably relaxing at "Point A" or consciously shifting your internal state to match "Point B".

When we learn to listen and observe, we are able to receive intuitive guidance from Source. So many individuals doubt their ability to receive divine information when the truth is that they’re avoiding their connection to the divine. This avoidance manifests as overconsumption of content, over-communicating with others, and overthinking within ourselves.

The practice of sitting in silence and directing your physical energy to your body’s ability to hear/listen is a very powerful practice indeed. You will be amazed by all that you learn and how this information better equips you for the journey ahead.

Step 2: Practicing Obedience

After you’ve completed the “Vibrational Roadmap" worksheet, I want you to contemplate what it will take for you to get from “Point A” to “Point B”. What physical activity are you responsible for? What actions must be performed in order to ensure movement on the journey?

It is more than natural for one’s ego to say “I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. NOTHING CAN STOP ME.”, and though this ambition is valuable it is also misdirected.

Here’s the reality: if you were ready to do everything you needed to do to shift your reality, you would have already done it.

The sooner that a Reality Bender acknowledges that they may have an emotional/psychological block, the sooner that resistance can be released.

These blocks often manifest as self-sabotage and procrastination. Have you noticed that, at times, pursuing your desire is so effortless…but other times it seems impossible? Like the car on your journey got a flat and you have to pull over. You feel yourself asking “should I fix this and keep going or should I take a tow truck home?”

The moments where you have no motivation to continue forward are the moments that you are closest to your biggest breakthrough. Those are the moments that require obedience. Obedience is what transports you to your destination.

So instead of saying: “I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. NOTHING CAN STOP ME.”, let's practice: “I am committed to my desired reality. I am aware that there will be times when I feel uncomfortable and uneasy. In those times, especially, I will practice obedience and continue forward. NOTHING CAN STOP ME.”

As Reality Benders, we must be prepared for the resistance that comes along with growth. Blindly feeding our ego by committing to the easy part of our journey, does not serve the parts of ourselves that must develop in order to be in alignment with our desires. Subconsciously avoiding challenges can create time-consuming detours on your journey. You are unstoppable, even when the journey gets hard because you are capable of doing difficult things.

Step 3: Love without Abandon

To do something without abandon means to perform an action without fear of consequence. The final step to ensuring you are on the fastest route to an aligned manifestation is loving without abandon.

Some societies treat love as if it is transactional. In reality, love is our life force. In order to raise your vibration so that you are a vibrational match to your desire, you must have an open heart.

This means that you will love every opportunity you get.

This also means that you will identify when you are resistant to giving love and receiving love and committing yourself to understand why.

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i am love: an affirmation book

That’s all for today, my friend. Best to you on your journey. I am so excited for you.

With all my love,