Is Private Coaching Right for you?


Do You Often Feel Victimized By Your Own Life Circumstances? 

As children life can seem so simple and effortless, no matter what is going on around us.  Then, as we get older, we begin to assign meaning to all that we have observed.  Every day we define more and more about ourselves and our life experiences.


Adulthood then brings the responsibility of looking at all that we have defined and determining if this perspective serves the life we ideally want to live.


How do you know if your perspective is serving you? 




How do you feel?


Daily life, with all of its limitations and challenges, is an abundant gift.  Unfortunately,  experiences, fears, and grudges can get in the way of us truly connecting to feelings of gratitude, abundance, and ultimately freedom.  Thus teaching us to accept and expect lives full of bad experiences, fear, and overall disappointment.


Do you feel closed off and confused?  Do you desire more for yourself but just don’t know which steps to take first?  Take a look at the different coaching packages offered, and see if any are a fit for you:


Coaching Packages













One on One Coaching (1 Hour)

The one-hour coaching session is designed to provide an individual with clarity within a specific situation. There will be a short email consultation beforehand, that will provide me any background information that I will need before our appointment so that you get the most out of your coaching session.    














The Belief Shifting Package (4 Weeks)

The Belief Shifting Package is a four-week package created to take the power away from any limiting belief that you feel is holding you back from living the best version of your life.  This package is for anyone who is looking to understand their internal thought process, so that they may replace thoughts that create limitation with thoughts that encourage expansion. 


Some Examples Include Shifting From:

  • "I will never be good enough for the career I want" vs. "Any job is lucky to have me as an employee"

  • "My body is hard to love." vs. "I am beautiful on the inside and the outside. I love the skin I'm in"

  • "I am too messed up to have a healthy relationship" vs. "I am worthy of experiencing a wonderful life, as I grow with my ideal life partner."



The New Reality Package (8 Weeks)

The New Reality Package is intended to map out your journey to an entirely new reality.  First, we figure out where you currently are, then I help you figure out your destination.  Through introspective questions and intuitive subconscious revealing techniques, you and I will create the ideal ​roadmap to your new life.

Some Examples of Shifting Realities Include:

  • Poverty/Lack Mindset to  Wealth/Abundance Mindset

  • Self Loathing to Complete Self Love Mindset

  • Fear Mindset to Faith Mindset

Every 4-8 Week Client Receives:

  • 1, 1-hour consult on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

  • Personalized list of affirmations

  • Personalized letter to the subconscious

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