Are You Ready For a Manifestation Coach?

3 Signs That You're Ready for a Spiritual Life Coach:

1. You understand the law of attraction to the best of your ability.

2. You have surrendered to the flow of the universe and you wish to co-create within that flow.


3. You are grateful for the opportunity to invest in your spiritual evolution. 


What am I investing in?

Every session begins with a grounding mediation.

Then you and Dominique will discuss your manifesting concerns.  Dominique is adamant about taking the time to observe any limiting beliefs or doubts in your language.

Throughout your session, you and Dominique will create affirmations that are specific to you.

Finally, the session will end with a guided mediation.  Dominique will assist you in cultivating energy and setting intetion.


Happy Bride

Working with Dominique has been a blessing. Our time together passed so fast, every moment filled with joy and meaning.. She reaffirmed and celebrated my talents and strengths, while also helping me uncover lifelong blocks that had been holding me back. If your mind is open and you are ready for Dominique, I know she has the love and the insight to help propel you toward your own personal greatness.

- Katia Raina, Author