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Are You Ready to Live in Your Purpose?

3 Signs That You're Ready to Embody Your Full Potential:

1. You are passionate about intentional living.

2. You have the desire to discover or better understand your purpose for being.


3. You are grateful for the opportunity to invest in your spiritual evolution. 


What am I investing in?

If you are reading this, it means that you are ready to invest your time and your finances into yourself!

No more passively hoping that your desires will come to fruition.  Committing to spiritual coaching is communicating to the Universe that YOU ARE READY.

You are investing in a mentor that will support you in identifying the best parts of yourself. Together, we will establish what a purpose-filled life looks like for you. I will assist you in stripping away all the beliefs that you believe stand in your way.  


Happy Bride

Working with Dominique has been a blessing. Our time together passed so fast, every moment filled with joy and meaning.. She reaffirmed and celebrated my talents and strengths, while also helping me uncover lifelong blocks that had been holding me back. If your mind is open and you are ready for Dominique, I know she has the love and the insight to help propel you toward your own personal greatness.

- Katia Raina, Author

Why Group Coaching?

I'm going to be fully transparent with you:

The people who need spiritual coaching the most are usually individuals who feel financially limited.

The connection between scarcity and spiritual inexperience is not a coincidence.

It is my intention to offer a coaching service that is obtainable yet still valuable to the student.

Group Hug
Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

The Benefits of Group Coaching Include:

Affordability.  You will have the ability to ask me questions and interact with me, without the traditional 1:1 price tag.

Community. The Live Your Purpose Group is a safe space for co-creators of all levels to come together and inspire each other.  Feel free to share your desires and know that your fellow group members are rooting for you and putting their intention toward your success!

Flexibility. Live Your Purpose Group Coaching will be conducted through the Patreon platform.  You will have the freedom to start and stop group coaching whenever you desire. You will also be able to stop coaching at your own discretion, through the website. 

What to Expect:

Live Your Purpose Group Coaching is a 90-minute coaching call that takes place every Monday Evening at 8 pm EST.

First, we open with a short introduction.  During this time we will briefly discuss the law of assumption and the law of attraction.   

Next, we will engage in a 75-minute coaching session.  This time gives us the opportunity to assist individual members in exploring and working through limiting beliefs. 

Benefits of Joining:

  • Weekly group coaching session

  • Free access to ALL courses Dominique creates.

  • One 1:1 voice memo exchange w/ Dominique a week through the Voxer app.

  • Access to meditations created exclusively for the group

See you there!

Working on Rooftop
Candle in Hands

Are you ready to MANIFEST the life of your dreams by LIVING IN YOUR PURPOSE?

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