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Affirmation Machine

The Affirmation Machine

The Affirmation Machine is a series of affirmations gathered to serve you, right now, in this very moment.  

Affirmations are emotionally powered phrases that allow a person to experience their own subconscious beliefs.  By repeating an affirmation, you are able to confront repressed thoughts as they expose themselves.  All affirmations listed on this site are positive truths that any person is worthy of.  


For example, if you read the affirmation “I have all the tools I need to make today a good day.” and your first inclination is to say “Well that’s not true.”  It is important to confront that resistance by simply being aware of it.  Then make a conscious decision to shift to the belief that better serves you and your life experience.


By answering "yes" to an affirmation that you do not believe is true, you are beginning to expand your mind outside of its comfort zone.  Over time, you will notice that your resistance will begin to subside.  When this happens, you will notice your physical reality reflect the shift in your subconscious.


Happy Manifesting!  

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